Real estate is a complex subject and since we “don’t know what we don’t know”, here are tips to save you money and time when looking for the right professional representative for your next purchase or sale. Communication. When meeting your professional representative, how comfortable are you asking questions of … Read More

Boring Can Be Beautiful

We are in the height of the summer selling season for our area, from Carpinteria to Goleta, with families relocating for the new school year. This is typical for the years past and prices are strong and rates are moving down. In our local Santa Barbara Association of Realtors for … Read More

Today’s Market Strategy

I work with buyers and sellers daily and I wish I had more control of the market so sellers could sell in a sellers market then turn around the next day and buy in a buyers market, but that’s not how it works. Today’s market is slightly in a seller’s … Read More

Vote No for Zoning Information Reports in Santa Barbara

In the upcoming November election, there is a chance to do away with the outdated Zoning Information Report (ZIR) once and for all. BUT IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN, YOU MUST FIRST SIGN A PETITION TO GET THE BILL ON THE BALLOT. Why This is Important for You If … Read More

Are You Ready to Sell and Net the Most Money?

I see properties on the market every day that could have benefited from a professional’s insights about marketing for the most money. It is simple really, here goes: CLEAN SELLS FOR MORE – Have a professional cleaning company clean every inch of your home before letting the public in to … Read More

Buyers Waiting Have More Competition in the Spring

It is a well known fact that Spring brings flowers and it is also known to bring out many buyers to compete for the purchase of the properties on the market. Historically, the average sales for March are a total of 137.  Compared to February this year of 87 for … Read More

Back to Even

Are you wondering what our real estate market did last year in 2018 compared to 2017? From Carpinteria to Goleta we ended up loosing the ground we had gained. In 2017, our overall market went up by 7%; last year it went down 7%. That being said, the market is … Read More

Real Buyers Buy Now

There is talk among buyers that I speak with about how they should wait for real estate prices to fall since we are in a balanced market. Do you know why this is not likely to happen and how this false assumption could cause you to lose out on a … Read More

Real Estate Trends Locally

As Realtors, we throw a lot of numbers around during the course of a day. These statistics can be very confusing if you haven’t followed your source for a very long time. It can also be difficult to track trends. In this blog post, I will attempt to sort out … Read More

YES! On Proposition 5

If you have lived in the Santa Barbara area since the 1970’s, you know that most of Goleta was purchased originally by engineers working at Delco, Santa Barbara Research and Applied Magnetics in their hay day. Since then, the children of these families have grown up and moved away. Now … Read More

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