Sell Now and Make More Money, Easier

If you are anticipating a move in the next year now might be the best time to market your property. Properties that stay on the market longer than the average number of days causes the seller to lose money, it is important to price their property properly at the time … Read More

What’s Increased This Last Year?

The Santa Barbara Multiple Listing Service divides the area into districts and I follow all the areas in careful detail each month. Most people like to know the general health of the real estate market for conversations sake. However, when it is time to sell, they need more specific figures … Read More

Demand a Representative

Do you know buyers who do not have a real estate professional working for them? They feel they have all the information they need from the internet to make a decision on their next home, even when this is their first purchase? This is when the old saying, “what you … Read More

What Tax Changes Are Coming for Home Owners?

Here’s a recap of the latest tax bill approved by Congress that effects real estate. Last-minute changes to the bill: Capital gains exclusion. In a huge win for current and prospective homeowners, current law is left in place on the capital gains exclusion of $250,000 for an individual and $500,000 … Read More

Will Your Home Serve Your Needs for the Long Term?

If you are like me, you enjoy buying real estate but not selling it. One reason: the seller pays the transaction fee from their bottom line and the buyer pays nothing for real estate professional services. And that’s not the only reason: “buy and hold” is a good strategy for … Read More

Considerations When Buying Real Estate

Not only is purchasing real estate a complicated process, there are hidden things to consider that are not always obvious to the untrained eye. We have all heard about buying based on LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION. But how often do we really consider the home’s orientation on the lot? Based … Read More

I’m Working – Call Me!

November is a wonderful time of the year to be especially thankful. Our weather causes me to be grateful 99% of the year.  It is typically a time of year when friends and family spend time together doing things they enjoy together.  Did you know there is usually a flood … Read More

Finally, Workforce Homebuyers Program is Here

I spoke with Jennifer McGovern today about the Housing Trust that she has been working on since 2006. It has finally obtained 2.5M from neighboring banks to begin the program here on the South Santa Barbara coast. The monies will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. … Read More

Personalized Service You Want

I have been giving a lot of thought to individual marketing plans for my clients. I’d like to give you more of what you want in order to help you make good long-term real estate decisions. Real estate has helped millions of individuals save money over time. Building equity for … Read More

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