No Market Slowing For Us

Life seems to be cyclical. Things occur and reoccur on a regular basis. The seasons come and go each year although each year is different from the past. Within the real estate industry there are cycles too. This is the time of year that we typically have a seasonal slow … Read More

To Invest or Not Invest…

When rates are rising why would anyone wait? We have heard about residential mortgage rates increasing from their low of 3.5%. Today conventional rates for loans up to $625,000 are around 4.875% for a 30/30 and 4.5% for a 15/15. That increase creates an 11% increase in the monthly payments … Read More

Control Your Costs Today!

By now, I realize everything in life has a cycle. I’ve lived through 3 real estate cycles here in Santa Barbara area. Inventory is tight, prices rise and rates have mostly stayed low for the past one two of those cycles. Each time the new low is higher than the … Read More

REALTORS® Disaster Relief Program

The Santa Barbara Association of REALTORS®, in conjunction with the Ventura County Coastal Association of REALTORS® and Ojai Valley Board of REALTORS have launched a REALTORS® Disaster Relief Program. The purpose of this REALTORS® Disaster Relief Program is to provide disaster victims with mortgage or rental payments due to the … Read More

Accessory Dwelling Units and Expectations

At a recent MLS meeting at Rockwood Women’s Club there was a panel of City Employees and a Land Use Planner answering questions about Accessory Dwelling Units or affectionately known as “ADU.” Why did this come down as a mandate from the State? Local building codes were viewed as  to … Read More

What to Do in Montecito?

I attended a meeting last week regarding the Recovery and Rebuilding of Montecito, it was very informative.  I’m sure many of you are wondering how things are coming along with the efforts to make a normal life out of what happened on January 9 this year. There will be a … Read More

Tax Base Portability Throughout the State of California

For many years a few sellers have been able to take their old tax base to three or four counties within the state from Santa Barbara County, but no one could bring their old tax base into the county. We, the Realtors of the State of California, have been gathering … Read More

Sell Now and Make More Money, Easier

If you are anticipating a move in the next year now might be the best time to market your property. Properties that stay on the market longer than the average number of days causes the seller to lose money, it is important to price their property properly at the time … Read More

What’s Increased This Last Year?

The Santa Barbara Multiple Listing Service divides the area into districts and I follow all the areas in careful detail each month. Most people like to know the general health of the real estate market for conversations sake. However, when it is time to sell, they need more specific figures … Read More

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