Every time a prospective home buyer walks onto your property, there are a few things that they will absolutely not put up with. These deal breakers can be anywhere in the home, but there is one area that we often forget about: the backyard. The backyard is very important to … Read More

Financial Resolutions 2015

Ready to win your financial resolutions? If you’re identifying 2015 — or even 2016 — as the year you make a major housing change, you’ll want to confirm that your credit behaviors are at their best. Your credit plays an important role in affording you access to the best terms … Read More

Determination Closes Sales

“It was time to sell the property my Grandfather built and Father remodeled. I grew up there and have so many cherished memories.The property became an income property after Mom died over 20 years ago. Being built in the 1930’s the City of Santa Barbara Zoning Department did not have … Read More

Financing Options

Different Financing Options Did you know that cash sales in the whole country are up by 24%? With half my sales alone this year being cash I can only guess that there is a shift from other assets to hard assets like real estate happening around the country. Did you … Read More

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