Ed & Arlene Burnham

Down Market?

We want to express our profound gratitude for the manner in which Elaine handled the listing and sale of our Mom’s home. It had to be one of those nearly impossible situations, and might easily have been treated less than enthusiastically given the ramifications of a down market. Add to that the legal elements that could have muddied the waters considerably.

As a former broker having been licensed in Hawaii and here in Southern California, I believe I can speak with some degree of authority when evaluating the professionalism Elaine brought to this situation. The way she presented herself in the broker/client relationship was most refreshing. We had prepared ourselves emotionally for a long, drawn-out market time. We’ve all been there so it wouldn’t have been a big surprise. Still, doldrums might inevitably have set in, especially given the fact that Mom had passed away right in the midst of the listing. Imagine the delight and cautious optimism we felt when Elaine informed us that we were going into escrow after less than ninety days market time. Believe me we have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone who will sit still and listen. The real estate world can always use an infusion of Elaine’s brand of professionalism and calm demeanor.

– Ed & Arlene Burnham