Mary DeSmidt

Ready? Or Not… She’s There

Elaine walked with me as I went through the process of selling my home of 45 years. Several years ago, I asked her what I might find in Santa Barbara to replace my home in the mountains and she advised me to stay put for awhile  since I would not find anything comparable in town. I appreciated her candor – she was more interested in my well-being than acquiring a listing.

Then, in 2016, I decided that it was time to sell. I contacted Elaine and we went through the initial paperwork and getting the house ready to be sold. In the middle of this, I changed my mind! I dreaded calling Elaine to let her know because she had already done a good deal of work for me. However, she responded very gently and let me know that I could call her when and if I changed my mind.

The next year, I felt definitely ready to sell and Elaine’s expertise was invaluable. She was more than a professional broker. She was a caring friend and advocate. She protected my interests. She advised me and offered her opinions, but never judged my responses. She consistently communicated with me, and as I live out of state now, we were able to complete much of the paperwork on line.

I will recommend her to anyone interested in selling. Even if you aren’t sure about selling yet, she is willing to answer your questions and let you know what will be required. I am happy to have sold the house but I will miss talking to Elaine!

– Mary DeSmidt