Experience Counts

You’d be hard pressed to find a Real Estate Broker with the range of relevant experience – not just in real estate – that Elaine Abercrombie has been bringing to her clients since she was first licensed in 1986. Elaine closes more transactions than 95% of all agents in Santa Barbara.

Her highly-refined negotiation skills enable her to protect her clients’ equity, limit their liability and put more money into their pockets. She is a Green designee* as well as being experienced in working with Seniors [SRES designee].

Most agents focus on the beauty and external impressions of a property. Elaine looks at it from a different perspective. Because she helped her father build houses, she knows how to make an initial examination of structural components and functionality to see if there are any defects: Is the foundation solid? Are there any drainage problems? What shape is the roof in? What does the cost to run monthly?

With these impressions she can recommend clients to other professionals so they can make adjustments that will help them achieve a better price. Or, early in the process, they can walk away from a property that might require too much investment. Elaine’s degree in Art with a focus on communication and psychology allows her to see the beauty and potential of a property from the perspective of design and flow. Her eye for color and layout gives her an edge in marketing both in print and on the web.

As a former loan officer, she understands financing. She can help clients make some preliminary decisions about what they can afford, rather than trying to fit themselves into something that doesn’t work financially for them.

Since Elaine is a Real Estate Broker (not an Agent), she doesn’t answer to anyone else. She makes the decisions. The length of the contract, amount of commissions and other details are all at her discretion. She takes time to get to know her clients, their personality and lifestyles so that she can make decisions that will be in their best interest. Elaine is well respected as Past President of the SB Association of Realtors® and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and enjoys cooperative working relationships with her peers. With her background and approach, it’s no wonder she has a lot of happy clients.

* (understands GREEN building systems)