Financing Options

financing-options-blog-imageDifferent Financing Options
Did you know that cash sales in the whole country are up by 24%? With half my sales alone this year being cash I can only guess that there is a shift from other assets to hard assets like real estate happening around the country.

Did you know lenders are prepared for this by offering “Deferred Financing” options? Yes, they have programs that allow new cash buyers to finance their property as soon as they close and avoid a bidding war on properties where some buyers may need financing to purchase.

Did you know that if you have a large amount of assets that lenders have programs for “Asset Depletion” also? Buyers can qualify using a depletion schedule like an income stream.

Who do you know that still pays mortgage insurance? That would be a buyer who bought in the past 4-5 years with less than 20% down. There are ways to eliminate that monthly cost by either refinancing to a new first and second loan or by paying down the mortgage and getting a new appraisal.

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