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November is a wonderful time of the year to be especially thankful. Our weather causes me to be grateful 99% of the year.  It is typically a time of year when friends and family spend time together doing things they enjoy together.  Did you know there is usually a flood of buyers looking at California?   As soon as the weather in the nation turns cooler and in some places it turns down right cold people think of relocating to lovely weather like Santa Barbara has year round.  During this time of year it can be hard to find a knowledgeable Realtor to help.

Did you know many Realtors take off from November to March?  They enjoy the holidays with their family and friends one after the other and end up only working six months out of twelve.  I never understood why they would do that just when there is an increased demand for their professional services.

This is the season when buyers get serious.  During open houses, at this time of year, the visitors coming through are not looking for decorating ideas.  That activity is best done in the summer months.  The people who have to relocate soon are looking now.  This time of year may not have huge attendance to the open house, but it only takes one buyer to take the house off the market and close a sale.

As the years go by I am more and more thankful about living in the Santa Barbara area.  I appreciate its unbridled beauty, feeling of community I have with friends and the safety that is created in this area by those that live here.  We have so many treasures to enjoy every day.

I hope you are touring with friends and family over the coming holidays here and find some hidden treasures that were overlooked earlier when you were too busy to enjoy them.  During this time please note I will be working and available for your real estate questions.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Elaine Abercrombie
Broker/Owner #00970923, SBAOR Past President 2010

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