Adrienne Morinini

Get’er Done!

It was time to sell the property Grandfather built and my Father remodeled (this is the property that I grew up in and held so many cherished memories). It became a rental property after my Mom died over 20 years ago. Being built in the 1930’s, the City of Santa Barbara Zoning Department did not have complete records and they required parts of the property to be removed before the sale could close.

The delays caused us to loose three buyers. After each buyer cancelled, Elaine had another offer for us to look at within 24 hours. When other agents would have quit, Elaine became more determined to get our property closed so we could move on. If you want someone to stand with you till the end, then please call Elaine Abercrombie. She will no doubt help you sell your property too.

– Adrienne Morinini