Richard Brody

Available, Cheerful & Knowledgeable

When the time came to put my house up for sale I was concerned because I hadn’t sold any property for more than 50 years. I was worried about the complexity of paperwork. Thanks to Elaine, these problems were all handled beautifully.

  • Worry #1: Get the house presentable for sale. This actually turned out to be a non-problem because Elaine have a very good sense of arrangement. We removed one rug and spent one hour moving shifting and changing small items and it looked better than ever.
  • Worry #2: Getting organized and listed. Elaine and I talked for an hour. I dug up some old documents on lot size and she did all the rest, invisible to me.
  • Worry #3: What about the hordes of people constantly coming in, looking and leaving. Well that wasn’t easy but Elaine was blessed with an organizing ability and a sense of discipline that kept order whenever chaos threatened.

Most Important, she was always available, cheerful and knowledgeable. I cannot thank her enough for all the professional service that was always delivered with a cheerful smile.

– Richard Brody