What is GREEN Anyway?

Green is one of the most misused words today in the English language when it comes to real estate. It means so many different things everyone. Maybe the best way to define the term is to send you to a website that has lots of good information about what to look for in your present home or your next home regarding efficiency, off-gassing, sustainability and cost effectiveness.

One of the National Association of Realtors Designations is a GREEN Designation. That means that the Realtor holding the designation has had advanced training on the subject and they know how to market those GREEN features in a way to get you the most bang for your buck when selling. When buying property, the GREEN designated Realtor can help you spot a home that will be more expensive to operate compared to other homes that are on the market.

One way to educate yourself is to check out: www.regreenprogram.org. This will run through many different areas of a home so you can learn how to make your home more efficient without spending an arm and a leg in doing so. Your Re-GREENing process can be slow and steady and budget while building a more efficient saleable product for the future or just cost you less to operate monthly which means lower utility bills. Everyone likes lower bills, right?


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