What’s In A Realtor

What to look for when you need a Real Estate Professional:

  • Communication – Find someone who is available and will adapt to your style of communication. Aren’t all relationships about open honest easy communication? This one is no different and it will make the process flow much easier. Finding someone who will give you “the gift of the truth,” will get you to your goal much sooner.
  • Time is of the essence – Choose a Broker vs Agent – Brokers are the decision makers in the transaction and agents need the Broker approval to commit to the client terms that are not normally company policy. During the transaction process timing can sometimes make or break a deal.
  • Track Record – There is a sweet spot in choosing a professional that is busy but not too busy for your needs. Finding a Broker who does what they say they will do in small details will continue the same work ethic with your big details and since a home is, for most, the largest ticket item they will purchase in a lifetime it is important to choose wisely.
  • Experience – Did you know that one person in sixty three in the State of California holds a real estate license? To know how long the person you are speaking with about assistance, refer to their BRE (Bureau of Real Estate) license number. For instance mine was issued in 1987 and is #00970923. In 2015 the issuing numbers begin with #019_____. Without asking too many prying questions you will know much more about a professionals experience by knowing if they started in the business this year or have survived many market cycles. That information can prove to be invaluable for you.
  • Moving to another area? Contact your Broker here and they will help interview professionals in your new area so you can spend your time doing what you need to do to prepare for the move.

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